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Glen Brennan


Glen has been ballroom dancing since he was 9 years of age. Nearly 40 years. Glen has been a former Dancesport Competitor both as a Juvenile through to Adult, and then as a Professional. He was for 13 years the Executive Managing Director Of Crystal Ballroom Dance School in Vancouver, Canada. Glen was also former co-Principal for many years of DanceZone W.A. He is currently the Principal of Mandurah Dance World in Mandurah Western Australia.


Glen has been a registered Professional since he was 19 years of age continuously in both Australia and or Canada.

He has teaching Diplomas with the I.D.M.A. of Australia and the Canadian Dance Teachers Association in both Ballroom and Latin.


Glen has been and/or are currently Registered as an Adjudicator with Dancesport Australia, Canadian Dance and DanceSport Council, The National Dance Council of Canada and The World Dance Council as a World Championship Adjudicator {The Highest Level} current.


  •    Australasian Professional Latin Champion.
  •    Top 48 British Open Professional Latin Championships U.K.
  •    A.D.S. Professional Rising Star Latin Champion.
  •    A.D.S. Professional Rising Star Standard Vice Champion.
  •    W.A. Open Professional Latin Champion.
  •    Singapore Open Professional Latin Finalist.
  •    South Pacific Professional Latin Finalist.
  •    A.D.S. Australian Professional Standard Semi Finalist.



  •    UK Open Professional 10 Dance Finalists.
  •    UK Open Amateur 10 Champions and 3rd Place.
  •    Multi U.S.A. Amateur 10 Dance Finalists 
  •    U.S.A. Professional 10 Dance Finalists.
  •    Canadian Amateur 10 Dance Finalists.
  •    British Colombian 10 Dance Champions Canada.


  •    All England Amateur Standard Finalists.
  •    All England Professional Standard Finalists.
  •    London Open Professional Standard Finalists.
  •    Seattle Star Ball Amateur Standard Runner Up.
  •    Canadian Senior Standard Finalists.
  •    Canadian Senior World Representatives to the W.D.S.F. World Senior Championships.
  •    Grand Ball Amateur Standard Finalists Canada.
  •    World Gold Cup Junior Standard Finalists.
  •    Canadian Professional American Smooth Champions.
  •    Embassy Senior Standard Champions.
  •    Multi W.D.S.F. Snowball Classic Youth and Adult Standard Finalists U.S.A.
  •    Multi W.D.S.F./U.S.A. Dance Adult and Senior Standard Champions and Finalists U.S.A.
  •    Top 48 British Open Professional Ballroom Championship Blackpool, U.K.


  •    Triple World Gold Cup Junior Latin Champions U.K.
  •    British Open Junior Latin Finalists.U.K.
  •    Multi International Junior Latin Finalists. U.K.
  •    W.A. Open Junior Latin Champions.
  •    Australian National Junior Latin Vise Champions. 2015.
  •    London Open Junior Latin Champions and Finalists.
  •    W.A. Open Adult Latin Finalists.
  •    Canadian Professional Rhythm Champions
  •    Multi Canadian Amateur Latin Finalists.
  •    Canadian Youth Latin Champions.
  •    Multi Seattle Star Ball Amateur Latin Champions and Finalists. U.S.A.
  •    Multi W.D.S.F./USA  Adult Latin Finalists.
  •    Multi British Colombian Amateur Latin Champions, Canada.
  •    Multi Emerald Ball Amateur Latin Finalists, U.S.A.
  •    Multi Columbia Star Ball Amateur Latin and Youth Latin Finalists.
  •    Finalists and Champions of various Australian Championships.
  •    Multi British Colombian Youth Latin Champions Canada.
  •    Canadian Senior Latin Finalists Canada.
  •    Multi W.D.S.F. Snowball Classic Youth Latin Champions Canada.
  •    Multi W.D.S.F. Snowball Classic Adult Latin Finalists Canada.
  •    Singapore Open Youth Latin Champions 2015. 


  •    A.D.S. Australian Championships, Melbourne. 
  •    Federal Association South Pacific Championships, Sydney
  •    Nations Capital Championships, Canberra.
  •    A.N.D.A.National Championships, Sydney.
  •    Multi Canadian Professional Latin and Standard Championships Montreal/Ottawa Canada.
  •    Multi Canadian Amateur Latin and Standard Championships Montreal/Ottawa Canada.
  •    Multi W.D.S.F. Snowball Classic Championships Vancouver, Canada. 
  •    World Junior Gold Cup UK
  •    London Open Professional and Amateur Championships U.K.
  •    W.D.C. World Dance Trophy Montreal, Canada.
  •    W.D.C. World Professional 10 Dance Championships Montreal, Canada.
  •    British Colombian Amateur Latin and Standard Championships, Canada.
  •    Seattle Star Ball Championships, U.S.A.
  •    Multi Emerald Ball Amateur Latin Finalists, U.S.A.
  •    Multi Columbia Star Ball Amateur Latin and Youth Latin Finalists.
  •    Finalists and Champions of various Australian Championships.
  •    U.S.A. Dance North West Dancesport Championships U.S.A.
  •    U.S.A. Dance Quest For the Best U.S.A.
  •    W.A. Open Championships Perth.
  •    Vancouver Open, Vancouver, Canada.
  •    All England Amateur and Professional Championships London UK.
  •    E.A.D.A. National Ranking Championships U.K.
  •    The Grand Ball, Vancouver, Canada.
  •    W.D.C. World Professional Latin Show Dance Aarhus Denmark.
  •    W.D.S.F. Finland National Championships, Finland.

Teaching Appointments:


  •    Glen has taught In Perth and Sydney of Australia.
  •    Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, and Montreal of Canada.
  •    Christchurch and Wellington of New Zealand.
  •    The United States of America.
  •    Peoples Republic of Vietnam.
  •    Peoples Republic of China.
  •    The United Kingdom.
  •    Indonesia.
  •    Japan.
  •    Hong Kong, China.