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Dance World Mandurah – Dance Etiquette

Always try and accept a dance, remember it takes courage to ask!

Introduce yourself at the start of the dance.

Thank your partner at the end of the dance.

Guys, escort your partner off the dance floor at the end of the song.

If you must decline, do so with courtesy & respect & give a valid reason.

During class, don’t teach while the teacher is teaching! Your partner will be hearing two sets of instruction at the same time which leads to confusion and it is disrespectful to the teacher.

Dancing is exercise, dress appropriately and use a deodorant!

While dancing is a close contact sport, please respect your partner’s personal space. This will vary from person to person, that’s why it is called personal!

Guys lead moves that are at the level of your partner’s ability.

Let your partner know if there is something that you do not enjoy at the start of the dance.

Guys, your leads should invite your partner to participate in a move. Be firm but not rough, it is a partnership not a wrestling match!

Dance with as many people as possible, it is the best way to improve your dancing.

Finally and most importantly, relax and enjoy.